The Division-2 – Best Skills to Choose at the Beginning

The Division-2

In the article, we will describe the best skills to unlock and play the early Division 2 games

What are Skills in The Division 2?

Whether you are a veteran Agent of the previous release or an absolute newbie to The Division 2 with its 30 levels plus the endgame and 61 trophies, your mission success depends on skills that should be gained as the game unfolds. Their complete list includes 8 various Skill Groups each consisting of 27 Skill Variations.

You start unlocking the first group of skills at the very beginning of the game – at the White House. To obtain them from the Quartermaster, Coop Dennison, you should collect Skill Unlock Points by fulfilling the main story missions. 

Choice of the Skills to unlock first depends on the mode of the game, that is, whether you play it alone or in a group. By playing alone, it is better to concentrate on gaining the Skills required for battles. If you are one of the team, you have to think of those fortifying your authority in the squad.

The 8 Skill Groups are as follows:

  • Pulse
  • Turret
  • Hive
  • Chem Launcher
  • Firefly
  • Seeker Mine
  • Drone
  • Shield

Which Skills to Unlock First

In any event, we recommend you to start with three Skills from Chem Launcher, Turret, and Drone Groups.

  • Chem Launcher presents an arsenal that shoots with different chemicals, for instance, explosive gases or toxic acids. All its Variations, namely, Reinforcer, Firestarter, Riot Foam, and Oxidizer, are very useful in the early parts. Their cooldown is very low, so you can use them on various occasions more frequently than other groups. Especially important to unlock first are Reinforcer (the only healer) and Oxidizer.
  • Turret Assault itself will spot and attack the enemies, but you can also master this Skill to use it on your own. With Turret Incinerator you jet flame streams. Sniper is to fire the target with high-caliber shells. Both Variants seem to be indispensable at your very first steps in the mission.
  • Drone Variants Striker, Defender, Bombardier, and Fixer track down and fire the enemies and their threads in flight. Those to gain first will be Striker that fires constantly while tracking the enemies and they attempts to control the line of sight and Fixer that fills in the allies’ arsenals.

Thus, although all The Division 2 Skills are useful and essential on a certain stage of the mission, at the very beginning of it, you can arrange your effective path through early games with those placed above.

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