McAfee Antivirus: The Complete Security Package

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McAfee is a very popular antivirus program. Millions of users rely on it daily. In case you decide to join them, it’s better to learn more about the software beforehand. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the most advanced and complete security package McAfee antivirus can offer.

The top 5 products offered by McAfee

There can be different ways of how you got this software. It sometimes comes as default protection on some laptops. Adobe users often get it downloading their products.

The company has several products users can choose from when installing McAfee. They are a free edition, Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection, and LiveSafe. The latter is the most advanced security package this company offers and the topic of today’s discussion.

Regardless of the version a user wants, he will be able to reach customer support via a live chat and email. The team of specialists will quickly solve all the issues starting from the performance issues to billing problems.

The interface

When looking at the main interface, a user sees five modules that secure all-round protection. They include Home, PC Security, Identity, Privacy, and Account. Each of them has certain tools and features to help protect the device as well as personal information from malware and hackers.

The navigation is simple, convenient, and intuitive. Both beginners and advanced users will find it user-friendly and beautifully designed.

The pros and cons of McAfee antivirus

Just like any other solution, this antivirus has several strong and weak sides. Let’s take a quick look at the main ones.

The benefits of choosing McAfee antivirus

The advantages of choosing this complete security package are the following:

  • The newest features;
  • Virus removal guarantee;
  • The best antivirus engines;
  • A possibility to cover multiple devices;
  • The biggest selection of tools.

Basically, a user gets the best this company has to offer. One license covers all the household devices. It also includes 1 GB of encryption cloud storage with biometric authentication.

Other tools included in the bundle are a personal firewall, a password manager, a disk cleanup, a system boost, etc. All the features created by McAfee are included.

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS covering all the household devices that run on these platforms.

Disadvantages one cannot ignore

On the other hand, the program still has some things to figure out. The drawbacks of the program include:

  • McAfee doesn’t support the latest Mac OS and iOS versions. The developer might introduce another kind of protection for them.
  • Parental control is complicated and lacks efficiency.
  • There are some security concerns with cloud storage vulnerabilities.

So, if you face one or more of these issues, McAfee won’t be your best solution. It’ll probably bring more chaos and damage than help.

The verdict

It brings all the features developed by MacAfee together in one huge bundle. In case you need encrypted storage space, this is a perfect choice. Otherwise, you can pick an entry-level edition and save some money along the way. It has very similar tools except for the storage feature.

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