Learn How To Control Your Remote Office Using Board Portal Software

The practice of remote connections is spreading more and more and affects a variety of areas of activity. Some companies allow their employees to work remotely while supplying them with equipment.

Organization of Remote Work and Distributed Office: Approaches, Tools, Practice of the Board Portal Software

Thousands of companies have transferred their employees to remote work during the coronavirus epidemic. For many of them, the transition to a remote format is associated with a high level of stress and disruption of communication processes within the team. And in this case, the experience of those companies that have been working remotely for a long time can help.

Forced on the go to select tools for organizing joint productive activities outside the office with the board portal software, customers often moved through trial and error, stopping at the first more or less working solutions, just to minimize the loss of time and money in this already difficult situation.

The concepts of confidential data and trade secrets are more important than ever in today’s environment. Remote work on portable devices implies the possibility that an employee is not only at home but in any other places where there is the Internet. Information security films will help you comply with the information security policy. The board portal software innovative ‘micro-blind’ technology prevents outsiders from seeing the contents of the screen while leaving the image clear and crisp to the user.

Among the main characteristics of controlling your remote office using the board portal software that you can review at https://technobuddy.info/board-portal-software/ are 

  • The ability to connect to a computer remotely and work in exactly the same way as if the user were at it (including the use of key combinations and other conveniences).
  • The intuitiveness of management.
  • Remote access control from under any operating system – Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Trouble-free remote administration of user machines in the office without leaving home or another office.
  • High-security indicators of information exchange with computers that are protected by a firewall.

The Main Tasks of Switching to Remote Office

The primary task when switching to home office mode is the equipment of the workplace with the board portal software. If your company has not previously worked remotely and employees’ computers are not equipped with a set of programs and services for remote work, it is better not to let this process take its course, but to provide the team with the necessary equipment and software. An employee who is set up for work and a working computer with good Internet and a set of programs is a necessary minimum. How to provide it?

  1. Your business processes require face-to-face communications for greater engagement. In addition, your employees may be people of different ages and levels of technological skills.
  2. Remote employees can relax. There are many distractions at work. And how to control the board portal software? To control employees of different departments and positions, you need to develop your own regulations and methods. Personal communications and the work environment in the office make this process easier.
  3. There may be problems with processing customer requests, you may lose your customer base. How to track the processing of all applications in various communication channels? How do you know that employees have provided all the information? And what is the best way to organize the prompt updating of this information with the Remote Office tools?

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