How to Access Popcorn Time Using a VPN?

Popcorn Time is a very popular free BitTorrent client. It’s also often called Netflix for pirates. The website has a great selection of movies and shows you can freely watch. However, it’s best to do it using a VPN. Let’s find out what this is and how it can help you.

The peculiarities of VPN that will be helpful in this case

A VPN is a virtual private network that was designed to help people stay anonymous when going online. This is especially helpful in the case of Popcorn Time sites because they use torrents making it easy for others to spy on you. Using a VPN, you hide your IP and other personal information.

Moreover, some people complain the website is off-limits in their region. Choosing a server located in another country, a VPN unlocks the restriction and helps you enjoy the content. So, in case you wish to benefit from one of these features or even both of them, you should get a reliable VPN which works with Popcorn Time.

The best overall choices for this torrent

There are many companies that offer this service including some free options. Let’s focus on them. One of the few unlimited free VPNs is ProtonVPN. The service has only 3 servers in the Netherlands but delivers excellent speeds and guarantees security. It’s very simple and totally safe. These amazing advantages are sure to be very useful and more important than the limited number of servers.

Another popular option will be Windscribe. This VPN provider is based in Canada but maintains servers in over a dozen countries. You can greatly benefit from using its free version just remember that it’s limited to 10GB per month. The speed is also cut down a bit. Yet, it’s quite enough for streaming content on Popcorn Time. The brightest advantage of the service is the highest level of security and encryption protocols.

You can also pick VPN provider. It’s a decent option that works on 4 different types of protocols allowing you to pick the needed one. It has a strong privacy policy and guarantees a no-log policy. You can be safe your online activities will stay anonymous.

Finally, there is TunnelBear. This option is very limited giving you only 500Mb per month. The service is great and very popular but in order to stream content on Popcorn Time, you’ll have to upgrade to premium. Yet, this limit is more than enough to try the quality of connection, its AES 256-bit encryption, and modern servers.

The verdict

Since now you know that a VPN is essential for torrenting, it’s time to pick a reliable and free provider. The most popular options include TunnelBear, ProtonVPN,, and Windscribe. Each of them has certain pros and cons which are quite relative. No matter which provider you pick, you are likely to unlock the torrent client, protect your anonymity, and enjoy the content. However, a VPN can bring many more advantages. In case you are going to use it for other purposes as well, it’ll be wise to check out which opportunities you’ll get with the software. It might also be helpful in unlocking streaming apps like Netflix. You’ll have a secure connection when using public Wi-Fi spots. Some VPN providers also guarantee no-log policy which means they won’t log, track or store the history of your online activities.

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